AAI (Textron)

ACL Computers, Inc

Acme World Wide Enterprise

Adiservices, Inc

Advanced Welding


Aer-Mach Labs, Inc

Aero International, Inc VA

Aero Precision LLC

Aero Simulation, Inc

Aero Metals

Aerospace & Commercial

Ahlers Aerospace, Inc

Airborne Systems LLC

Aircraft Systems & Manufacturing

Airtronics, Inc

Alpha Enterprises, Inc


Apache Enterprises, Inc

Arinc, Inc MD

Arrow Dynamics LLC

Associated Aircraft

ATI-Aero Technology, Inc

Aviations Simulation Group


Bell Helicopter (Textron)

Binghamton Simulator Co


Brazilian Aeronautical

Breeze Eastern

Burke Products, Inc

Caci, Inc


Camber Corporation

Carleton Life Support Systems

CBOL Corporation

Century Flight

Chelton Avionics, Inc (Cobham)

Cherokee Nation Redwing LLC

Chief Fiscal Branch (Government)

Coastal Mechanics


Compass System

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense

CRI, a Division of RSI

CSC ATD Division

CSC Systems & Solutions LLC

Cubic Worldwide Technical

Curtiss Wright Controls

DAC International

Derco Aerospace

DFAS (Government)

DIT-MCO International

DME Corporation

DRS Defense Solutions

DRS Laurel Technologies

Ducommun Labarge Technologies, Inc



EFW, Inc

EMS Technology, Inc

ETI Tech

FAS Southwest Support Center (Government)

Firstec Co. Ltd

Flight Director, Inc

Flight Safety

Fort Walton Machining, Inc

Frasca International, Inc

Free Flight Systems

Fresco International Corp

GE Aviation

General Services Administration (Government)


Guardian Electric Manufacturing

Gulfstream (General Dynamics)

Heads Up Technologies

Hellenic Aerospace Ind

Herndon Products

Honda Aircraft Company


Howell Instruments

Huntington Valley Industries, Inc

ILN Technologies, Inc

Indra Sistemas SA

Infotech Associates, Inc

Integrated Procurement

Interconnect Wiring

International Defense Produces

International Enterprises

International Precision

JF Taylor

Kellstrom Industries

Koehlke Components Inc

Korry Electronics Corp. (Esterline)


Labinal, Inc (Safran)

Landmark Electronic, Inc

Lockheed Martin


Mason Electric Co.

McDonnell Douglas MO

Mecanex USA, Inc

Mechtronix, Inc

Metlfab, Inc

Military Aircraft Parts

Modern Tektronix Assembly

Monroe Machine Products

Moog Components

Multiparts, Inc

Navcom Defense Electronic

Navmar Applied Sciences

Nawcad/Crew Systems Dept. (Government)

North Texas Circuit Board

Northern Wings Repair, Inc

Northrop Grumman

NSWC Crane (Government)


Opinicus Corporation

Orb Design and Manufacturing, Inc

Orbit Instrument

Oxley, Inc

Pinnacle Solutions

PPI/Time Zero, Inc

Pynco, Inc

R&D Electronics, Inc

Ramapo Industries


Relli Technology Holland

Reycomp, Inc

Richard Manufacturing Company

RJ Communication Concepts

Rockwell Collins

Rosemount Aerospace, Inc (Goodrich)


RSG Aerodesign, LLC



SCI Technology, Inc

Science and Engineering

Scientific Research Corporation

SDM & Associates, Inc

Secure Components

Selex Sensors & Airborne

Sikorsky Aircraft (United Technologies Corp)

Simmonds Precision Products, Inc (Goodrich)

Simtek, Inc

SIT Corporation

SOI Aviation

Southeast Aerospace

Southwest Machine & Manufacturing

Sperry Marine (Northrop Grumman)

Summerlin Aviation, Inc

Symetrics Industries

Symvionics, Inc

Tapo (Government)

Technology Kitchen

Tekair, LLC

Telecommunication Satellite Service (TSS)

Telephonics Corporation

Terma Elektronik AS


The Bernd Group

TK Unipacific

Tobyhanna Army (Government)

Triman Industries, Inc

Triumph Aerospace Group

Tulip Development Lab, IN

UEC Electronics

Unisource Technology, Inc

Universal Avionics

US Aero Services

USA Parts

Veraxx Engineering Corp

Wesco Manufacturing, Inc

Westwind Technologies, IN

Woodward / MPC

Wyle Laboratories, Inc

Zen Industrial Services LLC